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A Success Story from Drug Rehab Programs

Wow! I can’t even put into words how extremely happy I am. This drug rehab program has saved my life. I probably wouldn’t be sitting here right now if it weren’t for Narconon Arrowhead Drug Treatment Center. This is the beginning of the rest of my amazing life. I am reborn. I am a totally new person. I have won the fight against drug addiction. I can confidently say that I will never touch another drug for the rest of my life. I have learned so many amazing things that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. I will use the technology I’ve learned here, not only because it saved my life, but because I actually want to. I am truly the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life! Thank you so much!! A.M.

Residential Rehab

Residential Rehab
A residential rehab facility is one where the individual lives and resides at the facility for the duration of his or her addiction treatment. Residential rehab in all but a few cases is probably the best choice when it comes to addiction treatment. It removes the individual from the environment where all the use and abuse was occurring and allows the addict to confront the issues of addiction in a drug free and safe environment. Interacting with and aiding fellow addicts who strongly desire sobriety is in no small way a major benefit as well. An addict’s ability to begin to reach out to another human being and give as well as receive help and assistance can be a major turning point in recovery.

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Treatment Center and Addiction

Treatment Center
As you search for a treatment center for yourself or loved one look for actual tangible results, not just ‘x’ amount of days spent there with little or no results. Also look for all the services you feel will be needed. There is much more to drug rehabilitation than a couple of weeks spent without using! Are medical and nutritional needs being met? Is there a full detoxification of the body available or is it just withdrawal? Are the issues of cravings, quilt, and depression being fully confronted and resolved? Is legal assistance available if needed? Are services available to help repair and reestablish relationships and careers? Are services available to the families of the addict as well to help them better understand and deal with the process of rehabilitation? After all, addiction affects more than the addict. Are skills and abilities being learned to assist the individual in achieving a drug free and productive life that lasts for a lifetime? With the highest long term success rate in the industry Narconon Arrowhead can and does proudly answer yes to all of the above and many more.


Cocaine Rehab and Addiction

Cocaine Rehab
The word cocaine includes the drug in its common powder form (cocaine) and a crystal form (crack). Tolerance to cocaine quickly develops with higher doses are more frequent use. Compulsive cocaine use develops much more rapidly when the substance is smoked rather than snorted. Prolonged daily use causes sleep deprivation and loss of appetite. The user can experience psychotic episodes and hallucinations. Coming down from cocaine or crack causes depression so severe that the individual will do anything to get more. It can get so severe as to cause suicide. Cocaine addiction will always end in one of three ways – jail, death, or sobriety.


Addiction and Addiction

Addiction has many faces. The alcoholic who can’t refuse that first drink; the teenager who finds himself craving methamphetamine to keep going after trying in on a dare; the single mom finding herself using more and more anti-depressants to deal with getting through the day; or the workman now using way to many painkillers to get through the physical stress of the workday. Most addiction involves more than one substance as addicts seek solutions to the original drugs adverse affects by mistakenly using other substances in an attempt to escape the harsh realities of addiction or an attempt to simply get back to normal. Each addiction can have its own symptoms and side effects. Cravings, quilt, and depression however are almost universally common denominators to addiction, any lasting recovery from addiction must confront and relieve or resolve these three key factors.


Methamphetamine Addiction and Addiction

Methamphetamine Addiction
Methamphetamine comes in many forms and can be smoked, snorted, orally ingested, or injected. The drug alters moods in different ways, depending on how it is taken. Immediately after smoking the drug or injecting it, the user experiences an intense rush or ‘flash’ that lasts only a few minutes. Snorting or oral ingestion produces euphoria -- a high but not an intense rush. As with similar stimulants, methamphetamine most often is used in a ‘binge and crash’ pattern. Because tolerance for methamphetamine occurs within minutes -- meaning that the pleasurable effects disappear even before the drug concentration in the blood falls significantly -- users try to maintain the high by binging on the drug.


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