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Drug Rehab Centers - Success Story

I have successfully completed this drug rehab program. I got so much out of it. I feel I now have the tools to maintain a drug-free and successful life. M.W.

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services
When evaluating various rehabilitation services one quite often comes across low success rates which are disheartening at best. The goal of rehabilitation services should be to put the individual in such good shape both mentally and physically that he or she is able to leave addiction behind for a lifetime. Narconon Arrowhead rehabilitation services are geared for the personal and unique needs of each individual. Addressed are areas which include but are not limited to; drug use cessation and withdrawal, full detoxification of the body, handling of cravings, quilt and depression, life skills training to ensure needed tools for a continue drug free life are mastered, Improved abilities to communicate with and control one’s environment and repair past damage, and a host of other factors needing addressed. These are located by extensive interviews, testing, and staff/student interaction. The student is educated and empowered. Rehabilitation services should do just that, serve the individual in confronting and resolving his or her own situation. Abilities gained and tools that work is what Narconon Arrowhead rehabilitation services are all about!

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Drug Side Effects and Addiction

Drug Side Effects
Drug side effects is really not an applicable term when one is talking about the effects caused by illegal street drugs. Effects can generally be broken in mental and physical categories. Drugs use up nutritional and vitamin stores very quickly leaving the body open to all sorts of illness and maladies and many physical effects are the result of these deficiencies. Drug induced neurosis and psychosis is the easiest way to explain the hundreds of various mental and emotional side effects from drug use and addiction. With prescription drugs, many of the side effects are quite debilitating and life threatening even when taken as prescribed, let alone at abusive levels.


Effects of Addiction and Addiction

Effects of Addiction
As any loved one of an addict can tell you, the effects of addiction go far and beyond just the effects created on the addict himself. The amount of stress and distress created in the wake of active addiction can and do effect the emotional and physical well being of loved ones and associates or the addict. Financial ruin, destroyed marriages, emotional upsets to children, distrust, and repulsion are just a few that can be named. The sad part of it is the fact that the addict himself is often unaware of creating these situations until they have reached a breaking point. As drug and alcohol addiction reduce awareness of the environment and often distort it, it is a sad commentary that the addict when he becomes aware of these harms actually feel great guilt and depression, which often leads to more and more drugs in an attempt to numb him or herself.


Relapse Substance Abuse and Addiction

Relapse Substance Abuse
A relapse to substance abuse can occur when the individual has not fully confronted and handled the personal issues leading up and then continuing the substance abuse. Relapse is almost inevitable if there are unhandled cravings, guilt, and depression issues that have not been fully resolved. Relapse is a desire to mask these symptoms with the same substances that helped create them. Getting someone to cease use and through an effective withdrawal process is only the beginning of the puzzle of substance abuse. At Narconon Arrowhead a majority of our staff are past substance abusers themselves and know what it takes to resolve the problems of cravings, guilt, and depression in a manner that lasts. With new skills and abilities learned at Narconon one is able to obtain lasting relief without the need to run away and continually numb themselves with further substances. Happy, drug free, and productive for a lifetime is the goal at Narconon Arrowhead, our 76% success rate speaks for itself.


LSD and Addiction

LSD is one of the most potent, mood-changing chemicals available. LSD effects are extremely unpredictable. It could be a racing distorted high all the way to severe paranoid and suicidal low. LSD can create severe neurosis and psychosis which can sometimes become permanent. In the 1950’s the western intelligence community was experimenting with LSD as a possible chemical weapon with researchers noting that ‘LSD is capable of rendering whole groups of people, including military forces, indifferent to their surroundings and situations, interfering with planning and judgment and even creating apprehension, uncontrollable confusion and terror’. Experiments continued along these lines until LSD was banned in 1967.


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