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A Drug Rehab Success Story from Narconon Arrowhead

Wow! I’m done. When I came to Narconon Arrowhead Drug Rehab Center on May 2, 2006 I was a very, very broken spirit using heroin and trying to quit by using methadone. I still craved heroin at the same time, but couldn’t get high while using an opiate blocker. Then I started shooting “speedballs.” I knew I needed help. I was a very angry and violent person. I hated myself. I barely could look at myself in the mirror, knowing what my life had become. All the awful things I saw coming off this combination was not a fun game. It definitely was not something I will ever put myself through again. When I came here I was very enclosed. I did not communicate much and wanted to be alone all the time. Narconon Arrowhead has helped me realize so much. I, indeed, have to communicate in order to survive. When I learned this, I opened up to the staff and obtained good advice. I realized that this is something I have to initiate myself to find answers. I no longer get angry to the point where I have to be violent. I’m glad I spent time at Narconon Arrowhead Drug Rehab Center and did not rush because I got the most out of it. I never think of using heroin. My mind does not initiate thoughts like it used to. I’m in full control of my life. I think I’m better now than before I even used drugs. I’m a totally different person now. I feel clean, clear and have my strength back. I’m happy. I have love in my heart. I communicate with others and have made some of the best memories here at Narconon Arrowhead. I smile and laugh now. I enjoy life again. I definitely feel I got way more than what I paid for. I have my life back now and that feels FANTASTIC! S.N.


Effective drug or alcohol rehab starts with really understanding exactly what rehabilitation is. Rehabilitate in its broad sense means to restore to a previous condition. Any rehab to be effective needs to address the three factors which lead up to and cause addiction to continue. These are mental and physical cravings, quilt, and depression. Drug and alcohol abuse stems from mental or physical pain an individual does not wish to confront or deal with. The drugs or alcohol only appear to alleviate these conditions and after a time contribute to them as well as creating new sources in and endless cycle and trap known as addiction. Confronting and effectively handling the conditions brought about by cravings, quilt, and depression allows the addicted individual to truly ‘rehab’ him or herself and so be restored to a previous condition or at least as close as possible. Narconon Arrowhead is much more than a detox center where the individual simply quits using for a period. Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab methodologies fully handle the above factors allowing one to truly rehabilitate a previous condition and so remove the need for further drug or alcohol use as a false solution to living the life they want.

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Ecstasy Drug and Addiction

Ecstasy Drug
MDMA or "ecstasy" is a Schedule I synthetic, psychoactive drug possessing stimulant and hallucinogenic properties. MDMA possesses chemical variations of the stimulant amphetamine or methamphetamine and a hallucinogen, most often mescaline. MDMA can cause adverse effects including nausea, hallucinations, chills, sweating, increases in body temperature, tremors, involuntary teeth clenching, muscle cramping, and blurred vision. MDMA users also report after-effects of anxiety, paranoia, and depression. An MDMA overdose is characterized by high blood pressure, faintness, panic attacks, and, in more severe cases, loss of consciousness, seizures, and a drastic rise in body temperature. MDMA overdoses can be fatal, as they may result in heart failure or extreme heat stroke.


Rehab Hospital and Addiction

Rehab Hospital
A short stay in a rehab hospital is sometimes and important and vital beginning to the drug rehabilitation process. This is not required in all cases by a long ways. However some extreme cases of alcoholism as well as some cases of prescription drug abuse necessitate very close medical supervision. These substances can present life threatening side affects is use is ceased cold turkey. This is quite different from randomly giving out substitute drugs because someone is uncomfortable or fearful. This should be evaluated by competent medical professionals who are thoroughly familiar with the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Most addicts do well with a drug free withdrawal process, while a small percentage are going to require a medically supervised step down at a rehab hospital.


Heroin Drug and Addiction

Heroin Drug
Heroin is a highly addictive illegal drug. During the 1800’s opium addiction was a major problem in the U.S. Morphine was developed as supposedly a non-addictive substitute for opium but proved to be even more addictive. The same is true of Heroin which was a supposedly non addictive replacement for morphine, but again is actually more addictive than opium or morphine. In more modern times we know have methadone as a supposed ‘solution’ to heroin addiction. Methadone is even more addictive than heroin. If withdrawal from heroin can be gruesome and harrowing, then methadone is even worse and can be life- threatening if unsupervised.


Abuse and Addiction

Abuse and Addiction? Where is the line between the two and what is the difference? In terms of drug use, ‘abuse’ is the harmful or illegal use of non-medicinal use of drugs or alcohol. If we define addiction as a mental or physical dependence or drugs or alcohol we can see that the lines are often blurred. Many people feel Drug Rehab is only for those with an addiction. A comprehensive drug rehab such as Narconon Arrowhead will also address those with an abuse problem and in fact many people who feel they only have an abuse problem are in fact in the deadly grasp of addiction without realizing it. Drug abuse is always part of the addiction cycle. A quality rehab program is able to evaluate the underlying causes of substance abuse problems and help the abuser put workable solutions into place before their entire life crumbles around them. Narconon Arrowhead successfully helps the individual help themselves – no matter the stage of abuse or addiction.


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