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Best Drug Rehab Ė A Narconon Arrowhead Success Story

I came into drug rehab here at Narconon Arrowhead a lost sheep. I feel I have been found. I have been given the information and tools to succeed. Now I will apply them. I am optimistic in my abilities to go back to my community and be a productive member. Narconon Arrowhead has made me believe again in myself and my ability to lead a happy and fulfilling life. P.G.

Oklahoma Drug Rehab Information

Oklahoma Drug Rehab and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Information

Substance Abuse Costs Lives Every Year in Oklahoma

Substance abuse is the nation’s number one health-related problem and the effects can be seen in Oklahoma. Drug and alcohol addiction is the root cause to many other societal problems and it costs our country up to $500 billion each year, in addition to the thousands of lives lost, broken homes and drug-related crime.

Most addiction treatment centers have a limited success rate, where the majority of the clients relapse. This is not the case with Narconon Arrowhead. In fact, approximately 70% of the graduates of our drug and alcohol rehab remain drug free.

To find out if there are any drug rehab treatment or counseling facilities serving people in Oklahoma that are suitable for your needs, please call 1-800-468-6933.

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Alcohol Rehab and Addiction

Alcohol Rehab
An alcohol free lifestyle that is happy, productive, and lasts for a lifetime is the attainable goal of the Narconon Arrowhead alcohol rehab program. With a 76% success rate Narconon Arrowhead is among the most effective programs in the world. Alcohol addiction is one of the toughest to beat with itsí ready availability and social acceptance. Like all addictions, no matter what the substance, once sobriety is achieved then the real work of handling the cravings, guilt and depression begins. These are the barriers that left partially or totally unhandled are the causes of relapse and reversion. Feelings of being stuck with an incurable illness also stem from these three factors.


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Drug Addiction and Addiction

Drug Addiction
Drug addiction has been called, and deservedly so, the plague of the modern world. There is hardly a family in the world that hasnít been impacted by drug addiction in one form or another. Current thinking has not been successful in curbing this plague let alone solving it. Traditional treatment options have simply failed to deliver on any significant level. For over 40 years now Narconon has been delivering a non-traditional approach to healing addiction with proven, consistent, long-term results. Narconon is a long-term and drug free approach that actually empowers the individual to not only cease use and end cravings, but delivers into his hands the skills and abilities to move forward and face lifeís challenges without resorting to drug or alcohol use out of desperation. A drug free productive lifetime is our specialty!


Rehabilitation Centers and Addiction

Rehabilitation Centers
Rehabilitation Centers are facilities where the problems of addiction and alcoholism are addressed. Rehabilitation is defined as returning to a previous state or condition or an improved state or condition. With this in mind truly effective and successful rehabilitation centers will address much more that mere cessation of drug or alcohol use, though this is a vital and important starting point. The issues of cravings, guilt, and depression that led up to the addiction and then continued it should be fully confronted and resolved, as well as full detoxification of the body following use cessation. Narconon Arrowhead rehabilitation center fully addresses all these point and many more to ensure the best chances possible for a lifetime of drug free productiveness.


Rehab Facility and Addiction

Rehab Facility
In researching for an effective rehab facility for yourself or a loved one there are several factors that should be taken into consideration. Long-term facilities are statistically shown to produce more lasting results. There are a myriad of issues to handle in most addiction cases and is not achieved overnight. A drug free facility is another vital factor. Some initial medication may be called for in the withdrawal process as withdraw from many substances can be life threatening if the individual is not weaned of the drug or alcohol properly. Another important factor is a full and complete handling of the cravings, and feelings of guilt and depression resulting from addiction. Failure to fully handle these three factors is the number one reasons behind relapse or continued use following treatment.


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