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Drug Rehabilitation Success Story

Since coming to Narconon Arrowhead’s drug rehab, I feel that I have grown to be a better person than I ever have been. I learned how to confront and and communicate with others. I am more than comfortable confronting anybody in any situation. Sauna did wonders for me. I am completely clean of any drugs or toxins. I feel better now than I have ever felt. I had a lot of great wins and feel good about them. I learned who to associate with and who I should eliminate from my life. I was able to experience relief and finally be honest about all the bad things I have ever done throughout my life. Overall, this drug rehab has allowed me to start a new life. I will flourish and prosper when I leave here. R.E.

North Dakota Drug Rehab Information

North Dakota Drug Rehab and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Information

Substance Abuse Costs Lives Every Year in North Dakota

Substance abuse is the nation’s number one health-related problem and the effects can be seen in North Dakota. Drug and alcohol addiction is the root cause to many other societal problems and it costs our country up to $500 billion each year, in addition to the thousands of lives lost, broken homes and drug-related crime.

Most addiction treatment centers have a limited success rate, where the majority of the clients relapse. This is not the case with Narconon Arrowhead. In fact, approximately 70% of the graduates of our drug and alcohol rehab remain drug free.

To find out if there are any drug rehab treatment or counseling facilities serving people in North Dakota that are suitable for your needs, please call 1-800-468-6933.

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Drug Rehab Programs and Addiction

Drug Rehab Programs
All drug rehab programs are not created equal; there are many different types and formats. There are long term, short term, in-patient, out-patient, traditional 12 step, and non traditional to name but a few. One big difference to be aware of is whether or not the drug rehab programs you may be looking at are drug free or whether the program embraces the use of other or substitute or additional drugs and ‘medications’ in an effort to control or alleviate addiction. Narconon Arrowhead is a long term, non traditional, drug free approach to the problems of abuse and addiction. These points set us apart from many of the other drug rehab programs available. We start with the assumption that the being is basically good and despite any appearances to the contrary actually wants to attain a completely drug free productive life. The Narconon program embraces many, many different factors that stop or inhibit the individual from reaching this goal. The majority of Narconon staff are ex-addicts and alcoholics themselves and know what it takes to get lasting results – we’ve been there! When examining the various drug rehab programs look for one thing – LASTING results and success.


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Drug Treatment and Addiction

Drug Treatment
The drug treatment program at Narconon Arrowhead is a long term, drug free and non-traditional approach to handling drug addiction with a 76% success rate. Addiction is no unraveled in 28 days. Each person progresses at their own pace, usually completing the Narconon program in three to four months. This gives them the time and support they need to actually rebuild a new life from the ground up to replace the one that was destroyed by drugs or alcohol. The end result for the family is that they have their loved one back. The end result for the graduate is a drug free life, free also from cravings, depression and guilt.


Rehab Center and Addiction

Rehab Center
Rehab centers play a key role in addiction recovery for many, many addicts and alcoholics. For many individuals a rehab center offers a break from their normal environments where use and addiction has become the norm for them. The amount of care, compassion, understanding, and persistence needed to affect a true and lasting recovery is often only available in a residential rehab center. To create true healing one must first get away from the source of injury, pain, upset and apathy and the rehab center offers the drug free environment in which to do so.


Addiction Intervention and Addiction

Addiction Intervention
Addiction intervention refers to an action undertaken in order to change what is happening or might happen concerning another’s addiction, especially in order to prevent something undesirable. Many addicts are so oblivious to the effects they are creating on themselves, their health, their loved ones and co-workers that it takes serious intervention in order to get through to them the need that they get help NOW. In most cases it is not that they don’t care, though it may appear this way, but they are simply not aware of what is happening to them and around them. At Narconon Arrowhead we have intake counselors who can guide you on the type of intervention needed at any given point in the process of getting a loved one into rehab. We have been there and know what it takes and the best way to go about it


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