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Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Success Story – Narconon Arrowhead

I have completed the Narconon Arrowhead Drug Rehab Program. I came here in bad shape, with no kind of social or communication skills. Now, I have learned the skills and technology I can apply to succeed in life. I’m leaving Narconon Arrowhead a much better person. M.H.

New Mexico Drug Rehab Information

New Mexico Drug Rehab and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Information

Substance Abuse Costs Lives Every Year in New Mexico

Substance abuse is the nation’s number one health-related problem and the effects can be seen in New Mexico. Drug and alcohol addiction is the root cause to many other societal problems and it costs our country up to $500 billion each year, in addition to the thousands of lives lost, broken homes and drug-related crime.

Most addiction treatment centers have a limited success rate, where the majority of the clients relapse. This is not the case with Narconon Arrowhead. In fact, approximately 70% of the graduates of our drug and alcohol rehab remain drug free.

To find out if there are any drug rehab treatment or counseling facilities serving people in New Mexico that are suitable for your needs, please call 1-800-468-6933.

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Drug Detox and Addiction

Drug Detox
At Narconon Arrowhead drug detox is a multi-step process. First of course is actual cessation of drug or alcohol use. The is commonly referred to as withdrawal and at Narconon Arrowhead includes full medical supervision as well as nutritional, physical, and mental/emotional assists given to achieve a withdrawal process that is as short, and comfortable as possible. This is followed by the New Life Detoxification Program. This program is a full detoxification designed to remove actual drug and toxin residuals built up and lodged in the body. By actual reports many of our students report a full cessation of drug cravings following the New Life Detoxification Program with physical and mental/emotional health restored to a marked degree putting the student into a position to now learn the tools necessary to maintain a drug free and productive life without constant fear of relapse.


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Rehab Patient and Addiction

Rehab Patient
At Narconon Arrowhead we do not use the term rehab patient when referring to our program participants. Instead we use the word “student” as it more accurately reflects what is occurring in our program. At Narconon Arrowhead once withdrawal from use is achieved and is followed by a full bodily detoxification then student is then ready to gain the life skills and abilities needed to pursue a drug free productive life. Cravings, guilt and depression must be confronted, dealt with, and eliminated is one is to achieve a lasting drug free existence. These skills and abilities can be learned and successfully applied. Our students enjoy a 76% success rate that speaks for itself.


Prescription Drugs and Addiction

Prescription Drugs
Drugs, including prescription drugs, are essentially poisons. The amount taken determines the effect. A small amount acts as a stimulant, a greater amount acts as a sedative, and an even larger amount acts as a poison and can kill. This is true of any drug, including prescription drugs. Only the amount needed to achieve the desired result differs. Prescription drugs along with illegal drugs block off all sensations, the desirable ones with the unwanted. They may of short term value in handling pain, but they also work to wipe out ability, alertness, and muddy one’s thinking.


Addiction - Abuse and Addiction

Addiction - Abuse
Drug abuse occurs with any use of illegal substances and also occurs when prescription drugs are taken in excess of recommended dosages or for longer than prescribed. Addiction is the inevitable next step forward if drug abuse is not handled. Addiction is the compulsive seeking and use of drugs or alcohol despite adverse social, mental, and physical consequences. At this point the abuse of drugs goes beyond just impacting the individual and is severely impacting family, loved ones, finances and careers. When the individual moves from abuse to addiction the drug use controls the individual rather than the individual controlling the usage.


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