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Drug Rehabilitation Center Success Story

The Narconon drug rehab program is amazing and did wonders for my life. Every single aspect of this drug rehab program worked, from beginning to end. Sauna was amazing and I feel cleansed more than ever. The knowledge that I have learned here in drug rehab has been very helpful and great and I had an awesome time. I am ready to go back to California and begin my new life. I.D.

Ecstasy Drug

Ecstasy Drug
MDMA or "ecstasy" is a Schedule I synthetic, psychoactive drug possessing stimulant and hallucinogenic properties. MDMA possesses chemical variations of the stimulant amphetamine or methamphetamine and a hallucinogen, most often mescaline. MDMA can cause adverse effects including nausea, hallucinations, chills, sweating, increases in body temperature, tremors, involuntary teeth clenching, muscle cramping, and blurred vision. MDMA users also report after-effects of anxiety, paranoia, and depression. An MDMA overdose is characterized by high blood pressure, faintness, panic attacks, and, in more severe cases, loss of consciousness, seizures, and a drastic rise in body temperature. MDMA overdoses can be fatal, as they may result in heart failure or extreme heat stroke.

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Abuse Drug and Addiction

Abuse Drug
What actually causes an individual to abuse a drug or alcohol? If you look or observe closely you will see that the person is attempting to handle pain of some sort. This could be mental, physical or a combination of both. It could be a shy teenager who starts using cocaine to be more outgoing (mental pain), or a construction working who starts using prescription painkillers for back pain and finds himself unable to break free from the trap (physical pain). The point to be made here is that to handle the abuse of drugs or alcohol the underlying causes need to be confronted and handled. Narconon Arrowhead Drug Rehab deals not with labeling the addict or alcoholic as ill for a lifetime but with empowering the individual to resolve these underlying reasons and achieve a drug free and productive life.


Drug Substance Abuse and Addiction

Drug Substance Abuse
We canít help but wonder what causes one person to become in drug or substance abuse while another person can walk away from it. Drugs or alcohol are use in an effort to handle a problem or physical/emotional pain of some sort. The drug is found to offer short term relief to the problem or pain. What happens in many cases is the individual continues to use drugs and alcohol to mask the symptoms and obtain relief rather than handle the actual source of the problem or pain. Most drugs used have a tolerance factor where it takes more and more of the drug more and more often to achieve the desired results. This leads to abusive and addictive use which adds additional problems and pains and yet at this point the person thinks there is no other solution or relief available. Thus the person enters the downward spiral of abuse drug and substance abuse and addiction.


Rehab Program and Addiction

Rehab Program
A rehab program should be a series of steps done in sequence to gradually increase a personís mental, emotional, and physical health. This involves a full and complete handling of cravings, guilt and depression that accompany any addiction and addictive lifestyle. These are also the major sources of continued drug use and relapse. The program would also include an increase in skills and abilities that will be needed for the restoring of relationships, trust, finances, career, hopes and dreams. All this is not only possible but is being achieved on a daily basis at Narconon Arrowhead. Our 76% success rate when compared to 16-20% for more traditional short term programs speaks for itself.


Drug Overdose and Addiction

Drug Overdose
When you consume more drugs than your body can tolerate a drug overdose can occur. Most drugs create a tolerance with increasing amounts needed to create the same effects. Drug abusers and addicts are constantly faced with the risk of a drug overdose. There can be a fine line between getting the high they're seeking and overdose leading to serious injury or death. Mixing drugs such as heroin, pills and alcohol is the most common cause of death by overdose. More and more participants in drug rehabilitation are reporting multiple drugs being abuse simultaneously. This vastly increases the medical complications that can result from this dangerous mixing of drug Ďcocktailsí. This is all in addiction to the sometimes life threatening side effects that can occur from abusing prescription drugs especially painkillers and anti-depressants.


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