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A Success Story in regards to Narconon's Drug Rehab Services

I came to Narconon Arrowhead's Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program very weak and with little self-respect. I now have a great deal of peace and confidence in being drug-free. I feel accepted and worthy to be back with my family. I am grateful and indebted to the Narconon drug rehab program and all the helpful staff. R.B.

Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab
Cravings are extremely powerful urges to use drugs or alcohol again. When triggered,they often cause a person to imagine all kinds of reasons they should begin using drugs or drinking again. Once he or she has relapsed, the addict is now trapped in an endless cycle of trying to quit, craving, relapse and fear of withdrawal. In many drug rehab programs, these cravings are addressed by administering medications that prevent the onset of withdrawal, and that replace the body’s need for the original drug with a substitute substance. The problem with this approach is that the body’s cravings are masked by the substitute drug and are not eliminated and the individual is not learning to build a new drug-free life. If the medication is dropped, the cravings show up and the person is very likely to lose the battle to stay off his or her drug of choice.

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Drug Abuse Treatment and Addiction

Drug Abuse Treatment
Effective drug abuse treatment which can halt the debilitating effects of drug and alcohol abuse before full blown addiction sets in is a vital tool in restoring happy productive lives. Unfortunately many do not think about seeking help until addiction is in full bloom. The need for drug abuse treatment is usually best initiated by loved ones of the abuser. The abuser often has lots of reasons and justifications for their abuse and won’t really see it as abuse until it is driven home to them. It is a short drive from drug abuse to drug addiction and the lines are often blurred at best.


Rehab Center and Addiction

Rehab Center
Rehab centers play a key role in addiction recovery for many, many addicts and alcoholics. For many individuals a rehab center offers a break from their normal environments where use and addiction has become the norm for them. The amount of care, compassion, understanding, and persistence needed to affect a true and lasting recovery is often only available in a residential rehab center. To create true healing one must first get away from the source of injury, pain, upset and apathy and the rehab center offers the drug free environment in which to do so.


Drug Patient and Addiction

Drug Patient
At Narconon Arrowhead we do no refer to our participants as ‘patients’ but rather they are considered ‘students’. Using the word ‘patient’ tends to give an erroneous impression of illness and disease, which is not the main thrust of our program. Certainly issues of health and nutrition need to corrected, especially in the withdrawal and detoxification phases of the program. The term student is used as we are educating the individual into the use of the tools and abilities needed to sustain a continuous drug free productive life and to confront and resolve the three main factors behind relapse and continued use. Addiction is not a disease of a lifetime. It can and is being ended on a daily basis here a Narconon Arrowhead.


Drug Rehabs and Addiction

Drug Rehabs
When choosing drug rehabs most people are interested in one main factor – which drug rehab offers the most effective program to help my loved one achieve a lasting drug free lifestyle? Getting an answer to just this one question can be a confusing and daunting task. At Narconon Arrowhead we suggest you look for drug rehabs that are drug free in their approach to addiction treatment. Handling a drug addiction problem with further drugs, even if prescribed or legal ones, just doesn’t make sense. The side-effects alone from some of these substances can escalate the problem beyond imagination. An individual needs to eliminate cravings and deal with guilt and depression in a drug free manner. This is best achieved by learning and applying the necessary skills to comfortably confront the business of living. Look for drug rehabs that build your loved one up, and not tear them down with further drug dependence!


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