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Drug Rehab Success Story from Narconon Arrowhead

I’ve completed the Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab program and feel awesome. I’ve learned so much on how to improve my life and have done so by applying the technology that I have learned here at this drug rehab. I’ve also been clean and sober for six months. I have no desire to use drugs. I have the technology to stay sober. This drug rehab program has saved my life. D.M.

Chemical Dependency

Chemical Dependency
Per the Encarta dictionary chemical dependency is addiction to a chemical substance or drug. Dependency can be further defined as the mental or physical need to use a drug or other substance regularly, despite the fact that they are likely to have a damaging effect. Chemical dependency knows no educational, class, race, or social bounds. Most chemical dependency starts out as an attempt to handle some sort of physical or emotional problem. Some do offer small relief in the short term. The problem enters as more and more use occurs. The very problems originally trying to be solved are now being perpetuated and amplified by the drug use. The individual can not confront perceived pain (emotional or physical) that he feels will come from not using.

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Residential Rehab and Addiction

Residential Rehab
A residential rehab facility is one where the individual lives and resides at the facility for the duration of his or her addiction treatment. Residential rehab in all but a few cases is probably the best choice when it comes to addiction treatment. It removes the individual from the environment where all the use and abuse was occurring and allows the addict to confront the issues of addiction in a drug free and safe environment. Interacting with and aiding fellow addicts who strongly desire sobriety is in no small way a major benefit as well. An addict’s ability to begin to reach out to another human being and give as well as receive help and assistance can be a major turning point in recovery.


Rehab Therapy and Addiction

Rehab Therapy
Rehab therapy can all too often be reduced to individual or group sessions where the person is evaluated by counselors, therapists, and others. Though this offers some slight relief and is usually well meant, it is usually a far cry from what is really needed. With a full staff of Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors Narconon Arrowhead takes a different route. We stress the development of life skills and abilities that actually allow the individual to recognize and confront the situations created as part of their addiction that are creating cravings, guilt, and depression. These segments include a full array of exercises to increase the ability of the individual to resolve his own problems and issues and so in his own estimation move forward to a drug free productive life and free from the cravings, guilt and depression created by his past addictive lifestyle and actions.


Drug Effects and Addiction

Drug Effects
Each drug of course can and does create its own effects. With all the substances available today the list of effects can be staggering. There are common denominators to drug abuse and addiction however. Those who start down the path of addiction begin to accumulate so much damage to their physical and mental selves and their lives that the quality of their lives in general deteriorates. If drug or alcohol abuse continues unchecked, eventually the person is faced with so many unpleasant circumstances that each sober moment is filled with despair and misery. All this person now wants to do is escape these feelings by medicating them away. This is the downward spiral of addiction.For most addicts, there are only three possible outcomes: sobriety, prison or death.


Drug Rehabilitation Centers and Addiction

Drug Rehabilitation Centers
Long term, non-traditional drug rehabilitation centers appear to be on the upswing and statistically producing superior results. The revolving door or short term drug withdrawal programs are often less than effective when dealing with drug addiction handling that will last for a lifetime. Narconon drug rehabilitation centers are long term, non-traditional programs which aids the addict or alcoholic in confronting, communicating with and about, and resolving the three key elements of continuing addiction which are cravings, guilt and depression. With the highest success rates in the business, Narconon drug rehabilitation centers are at the cutting edge of methodology which creates drug free productive lives that last a lifetime!


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