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Drug Rehab Success Story

Before I came to Narconon Arrowhead Drug Treatment Center, I was using tons of meth. I had been using drugs for 20 years. This drug rehab program has changed my life. I no longer have any desire to use drugs. Iím becoming a sober, productive member of society. Iíve seen miracles in this place. I believe in this drug rehab program. I also believe this is the ONLY drug rehab program that truly works. J.B.

Arkansas Drug Rehab Information

Arkansas Drug Rehab and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Information

Substance Abuse Costs Lives Every Year in Arkansas

Substance abuse is the nation’s number one health-related problem and the effects can be seen in Arkansas. Drug and alcohol addiction is the root cause to many other societal problems and it costs our country up to $500 billion each year, in addition to the thousands of lives lost, broken homes and drug-related crime.

Most addiction treatment centers have a limited success rate, where the majority of the clients relapse. This is not the case with Narconon Arrowhead. In fact, approximately 70% of the graduates of our drug and alcohol rehab remain drug free.

To find out if there are any drug rehab treatment or counseling facilities serving people in Arkansas that are suitable for your needs, please call 1-800-468-6933.

Drug Rehab Information By State

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VirginiaWashingtonWest VirginiaWisconsinWyoming


Heroin Drug and Addiction

Heroin Drug
Heroin is a highly addictive illegal drug. During the 1800ís opium addiction was a major problem in the U.S. Morphine was developed as supposedly a non-addictive substitute for opium but proved to be even more addictive. The same is true of Heroin which was a supposedly non addictive replacement for morphine, but again is actually more addictive than opium or morphine. In more modern times we know have methadone as a supposed Ďsolutioní to heroin addiction. Methadone is even more addictive than heroin. If withdrawal from heroin can be gruesome and harrowing, then methadone is even worse and can be life- threatening if unsupervised.


Drug Rehab Information By City

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CamdenHarrisonMountain HomeArkadelphiaMagnolia
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West HelenaWynneHot Springs VillageNewportClarksville

Cocaine Rehab and Addiction

Cocaine Rehab
The word cocaine includes the drug in its common powder form (cocaine) and a crystal form (crack). Tolerance to cocaine quickly develops with higher doses are more frequent use. Compulsive cocaine use develops much more rapidly when the substance is smoked rather than snorted. Prolonged daily use causes sleep deprivation and loss of appetite. The user can experience psychotic episodes and hallucinations. Coming down from cocaine or crack causes depression so severe that the individual will do anything to get more. It can get so severe as to cause suicide. Cocaine addiction will always end in one of three ways Ė jail, death, or sobriety.


Drug Use and Addiction

Drug Use
Drugs are used in an attempt to handle pain, be it emotional or physical or both. The person decides to use a drug or alcohol to reduce discomfort derived from the problem or pain and finds only limited relief but now assigns value to the drug. Thus he returns to the drug or alcohol for more and more use. At best the drugs simply mask the symptoms of emotional or physical pain. As time goes on the drug or alcohol is used more and more and tolerance for the drug increased the quantity needed to achieve the same results. Often before the person is really aware of it he now addicted and craves this relief all the time and will do whatever is necessary to obtain the drug or alcohol. The debilitating effects of the drugs can and do create more and more mental and physical problems and pains which often leads to the use of other addictive drugs in an endless downward spiral.


Addictions Treatments and Addiction

Addictions Treatments
Addictions come in all shapes and sizes. Some are to alcohol, some to street drugs, some to prescription does, and unfortunately most are a combination of these and are seldom confined to only one drug or substance. Treatments unfortunately come in all shapes and sizes as well. Unfortunately because all the salesmanship in the world canít make a bad treatment a good one. So when it come to treatments for addictions look for programs that have a history, experience with the wide assortment of modern day addictions, are themselves drug free, and most important of all Ė a proven success rate. Narconon offers all of these with over 40 years of experience in handling all forms of addictions in a drug free manner and with a success rate consistently over 70 %.


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