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Narconon Arrowhead's Drug Rehab Facility Success Story

I have been in and out of jail all my life and I have tried many drug rehab programs in order to curb my addictions. Life only seemed to get more confusing. Narconon Arrowhead has ended that cycle. I have never been so clear-minded and strong. This drug rehab program gives a person the tools to stay and remain clean. J.N.


Addiction has many faces. The alcoholic who canít refuse that first drink; the teenager who finds himself craving methamphetamine to keep going after trying in on a dare; the single mom finding herself using more and more anti-depressants to deal with getting through the day; or the workman now using way to many painkillers to get through the physical stress of the workday. Most addiction involves more than one substance as addicts seek solutions to the original drugs adverse affects by mistakenly using other substances in an attempt to escape the harsh realities of addiction or an attempt to simply get back to normal. Each addiction can have its own symptoms and side effects. Cravings, quilt, and depression however are almost universally common denominators to addiction, any lasting recovery from addiction must confront and relieve or resolve these three key factors.

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Rehab Programs and Addiction

Rehab Programs
Rehab programs come in all sorts of flavors and sizes. There is inpatient vs. outpatient, long term vs. short term, drug free vs. drug use, traditional 12 step vs. non-traditional approaches. Narconon Arrowhead is a long term, drug free, non-tradition, inpatient facility. We operate from the viewpoint of results obtained and not time spent. The individual stays until a drug free productive life is obtained. Average time is 90-120 days, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. We are drug free and non-traditional in our approach, never considering replacing one drug with another as anything else but foolishness. Many replacement drugs used are more harmful and potentially addictive than the ones they seek to replace. All rehab programs are not equal, ask questions and insure your loved one is getting what they need to not only get clean, but stay clean.


Drug - Cocaine and Addiction

Drug - Cocaine
Cocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant that directly affects the brain. Cocaine has been labeled the drug of the 1980s and '90s, because of its extensive popularity and use during this period. However, cocaine is not a new drug. In fact, it is one of the oldest known drugs. The pure chemical, cocaine hydrochloride, has been an abused substance for more than 100 years, and coca leaves, the source of cocaine, have been ingested for thousands of years. There are basically two chemical forms of cocaine: the hydrochloride salt and the "freebase." The hydrochloride salt, or powdered form of cocaine, dissolves in water and, when abused, can be taken intravenously (by vein) or intranasal (in the nose). Freebase refers to a compound that has not been neutralized by an acid to make the hydrochloride salt. The freebase form of cocaine is smokable.


Rehab Facilities and Addiction

Rehab Facilities
In addition to the barrier to recovery presented by guilt, there are two further obstacles that must be overcome on the way to lasting and lifetime recovery. These two barriers are cravings and depression. Without finding a program that addresses all three barriers, rehabilitation efforts may continue to disappoint. The Narconon program is based on research and breakthroughs in the field of drug rehabilitation completed by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. After intense research into the effects of drugs, he discovered what it would take to enable a person to recover from addiction -physically, morally, mentally and spiritually. Over the next forty years, these researches were refined by Mr. Hubbard and the Narconon staff into the Narconon program that exists today, with a success rate over 70 %.


Drug Use and Addiction

Drug Use
How does one go about determining when drug use crosses the line into drug abuse and addiction? Drugs are used as a solution to pain, be it mental, emotional, or physical. Fore instance one takes a painkiller and physical pain subsides or one take a street drug and the emotional pain of feeling like an outsider goes away. There are many motivations but they all come under the heading of handling pain in one way or another. Drug abuse sets in when the drug is being used more and more to mask and cover up the pain rather than addressing the actual causes of the pain itself. From abuse one quickly moves on to addiction where tolerance to the drugs builds up to the point where the individual canít conceive of life without them for fear of unbearable pain of one type or another. Ones life then becomes centered on acquiring and using more and more drugs at any cost or sacrifice. Along with this comes all the cravings, guilt and depression that results from harm done to self, family, loved ones, careers, etc.


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