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Drug Rehab Centers - Success Story

I have successfully completed this drug rehab program. I got so much out of it. I feel I now have the tools to maintain a drug-free and successful life. M.W.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient Rehab
An outpatient rehab is a drug treatment facility where the individual goes for treatment and then returns home at the end of the day. It could be the personal goes for a counseling session, or perhaps a seminar. All day seminars are often used as well. These offer viable services for those with a lighter abuse problem or as a starting point for full treatment. One thing that should be watched for in medical outpatient rehabs is the use of additional drugs in a mistaken attempt to handle the current drug problem, such as methadone. For most with a serious drug abuse and addiction problem an impatient and more long term treatment program is more effective, though outpatient treatment can be a good beginning if chosen carefully.

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Inpatient Rehab and Addiction

Inpatient Rehab
For those needing extended care for an out of control addiction problem an inpatient rehab is the only real option for a number of reasons. Most addicts will find it next to impossible to refrain from drug use when remaining in their usual environments. The temptations and ready availability of the substances serve to make this attempt a losing proposition. An inpatient rehab, especially a long term one, serves as a safe a secure environment where one is able to confront the cravings, guilt and depression of addiction in a caring and compassionate atmosphere of mutual understanding and assistance.


Relapse Recovery and Addiction

Relapse Recovery
Relapse recovery comes about from a failure in the first place to handle the three main factors causing relapse. First are cravings for drugs or alcohol (both mental and physical). One of the main causes of this is an inadequate detoxification. Withdrawal procedures are simply the start and are by no means a complete detoxification. Second and third are the unhandled feelings of guilt and depression resulting from harm and damage done to self and loved ones, and the sacrifices made in personal beliefs and values as a result of doing whatever is necessary to obtain and continue using drugs and/or alcohol. When these points are fully handled the incidence of relapse drops away and one is finally able to have a lasting and happy drug free productive life.


Addiction Recovery and Addiction

Addiction Recovery
If recovery means a return of something to a normal or improved state following a setback or loss then addiction recovery is returning the addict to the state they were in prior to the addiction and ideally an improvement on that. In fact at Narconon Arrowhead we specialize in returning and addict to an improved state. As the normal state before addiction had factors which contributed to and led towards addiction, get the person into an improved state is vital to maintaining a drug free lifestyle for a lifetime. Cravings, guilt, and depression are the main factors to be eliminated which will lead to major improvements in health and outlook for the ex-addict


Adult Drug Rehab and Addiction

Adult Drug Rehab
Narconon Arrowhead is an adult drug rehab, meaning the minimum age for enrollment in our program is 18 years old. Other than that age limitation, individuals come from varied backgrounds and experiences. We range in age from 18 to 80; individuals hail from all around the world, and run the entire gamut of educational, financial, and career backgrounds. We find the melting pot to be extremely advantageous in handling the addiction problem. Addicts and alcoholic are generally very selfish and self centered at the height of their addictions. As the new person moves through our program they find addicts helping addicts, which is a very strong force, as nobody knows the condition better than someone who has been there. Gaining the ability and desire to help another is a key point in extroverting the addict once again in preparing them to re-enter home or society.


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